Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jesus, my Lord

As we are gearing up for our First full week of Lent, let me share with you what we experienced today. My dear friend Lois told me that the doctors found a third tumor in her brain. She has stage four brain cancer. She begins her chemo and radiation treatment Thursday. We gave her family our statue of Our Lady. Daniel helped carry the statue to their car. We also took our neighbor, Dorothy, out for coffee. She had knee surgery and has been homebound. My husband went to our cathedral church to present our nephew, Keith, to the bishop in the Rite of Election. Keith is coming into the Church this Easter. My brother in law who has been away from the Church was discussing with us the possibilty of coming back home!!! Jesus is stirring hearts.
Lent is our trial. Easter is our hope! May we all meet Jesus during this Lenten season and unite with Him at the cross on Good Friday, to rejoice with Him at Easter.
I am all Thine!

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